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On This Day Recap- 10/14/1990; Packers Majik Man gives Bucs 5 picks!

Gary Anderson had a 74 yard reception in second half.
Gary Anderson had a 74 yard reception in second half.

1990 was the last year of coaching the Bucs for Ray Perkins. Like 1989, the team started out promising, even more so than the previous year. The Bucs had tailback Gary Anderson, their first legit weapon on offense in over a decade. The Bucs just lost on the road to the Dallas Cowboys who were 1-15 the year before, and Tampa Bay carried a 3-2 record into this game. Corner Wayne Haddix had a ProBowl season, and he got one of 5 interceptions of the Majik Man Don Majkowski. In fact, if not for poor play in the Red Zone, this game would be a blowout. Bucs go on to win and go to 4-2 on the season, surely the turn around every one has waited for! The Bucs would be the team of the 90s! 

Not so fast. Because the very next week we lost to the Cowboys, again, which started a 6 game losing streak that cost Perkins his job. Oddly enough, he was fired after a win over the Falcons. Go figure the Bucs back then.