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BUCSHOTS! Yamon Figures, and speaking of figures, Clayton speaks about his 7....


Weekly round-up of news and other Bucs stuff you wont want to miss!
Bucs bring in Josh Freeman's old college WR Yamon Figures. Get the scoop from the Bucs themselves.

While we're at it, Pat Yasinskas of ESPN feels bringing in Figures clears the way for Josh Freeman.

Michael Clayton has responded to his post game comments made last week on the St. Pete Times.

Tampa Tribune talks about how it was the Carolina game last year that started this whole slide!

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Ira Kaufman reports reports Tony Dungy has denied being contacted by the Bucs for a position. 

Does that mean the idea is dead though? Perhaps it started something?

From the Pewter Report, the Bucs have brought in defensive line help in the form of DL Michael Bennet who last played for Seattle.

An original piece by Michael O'Keeffe in the New York Daily News, is posted up by Paul Stewart of about former Bucs great Center Randy Grimes. It's a serious piece about the life of Grimes since his football days. Grimes took over for Steve Wilson, and left the Center position in the hands of Tony Mayberry. Those three manned it from 1977 to 1999!

...and finally, for your reviewing you think the people in Orlando are upset with the Bucs for pulling out of practicing there? Here is the main Bucs page on the Orlando Sentinel. This is a major paper there like the Times. Way to keep up the interest guys. I'm guessing the woman in the ad lost weight while waiting for the results of the Eagles game! Sorry hun, I don't have good news for you.