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Raheem Confident in Bucs; himself.

At 0-5, must of us would not want to trade places with him. Most Bucs fan do not even like him, much less want to tolerate him. When I listen to Raheem Morris, I hear all the right stuff. I dont mean Coach Speak, or cliche's either. I hear what he is saying, that the Bucs just need to get better. That they do.


Michael Clayton has needed to get better for sometime and he will probably not be trusted given the situation; But Morris has a way of making you feel like if there IS a coach that can turn this talent into good talent, it will be him. 


Im a firm believer in we judge things based on success. A guy could know everything there is to know about nutrition. If he is 5'5" and 310#, no one is going to listen to him. Morris seems to fall into this catagory. Why else do we hear the things about Morris, but we dont hear them about other 0-5 coaches. Our expectations were as low as can be, but you dont hear Tennessee fans saying Jeff Fisher is in over his head. 

I have my qualms with some of the decisions this year. The McCown/Leftwich fiasco is chief among them. What was the point of all of that? Then there is the matter of offensive and defensive coordinators. I'm not completely sold we gave the right one his walking papers. Yet the Denver Broncos are winning with Jim Bates'  defensive linemen he drafted in 2007: Linemen he was pulled early from developing by a now ousted coaching staff.  Seems like we want to do the same.

In the post game press conference, Morris states his coaching staff " our faces ripped off, me included".  Is accountability from above, or is he referring to the Eagles ripping the Bucs at seemingly every turn. Point is, Morris seems prepared to weather the storm. He remains positive in the face of 0-6, and you have to respect him as a man for that. Sounds like he will work with what he has until he replaces them. You heard it yourself in the video.

People were not sure what to expect when Tony Dungy came here. He got tough questions thrown his way early in '96 too. But that team had been retooling for a few years.  We may have drafted two Hall of Famers in the same round in '95 with Sapp and Brooks; which is all well because we didnt get another player worth beans that year. Instead of retooling for years, Morris and Dominik finally had the courage to blow this Geritol Camp up and start it over with young talent, talent that yes must be evaluated. We probably don't have all the pieces on this team. We more than likely wont until at least next year when help arrives in the form of draft picks and free agents. If only Gruden and Allen had done this in 2006 when our need for a franchise QB became apparent, instead they found the Band-aid in the form of virtually retired Jeff Garcia. They had the recipe right for the offensive line though.

So here we are...this is it. The 2009 Buccaneers are presented before us, like it or not. The Talibs, Wilkersons, will be joined next year by fresh talent, and if our coordinators are still around hopefully then we will be able to see the end result of the hard work this  season produces, and maybe even watch the Bucs compete in a positive manner like Coach Morris.