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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Kellen Winslow rises above the rest

You can call him the anti-Clayton. He caught everything thrown his way it seemed. He even caught the one that went out of bounds. Kellen Winslow Jr is from a line of great Tight Ends produced by the U. Used to be Quarterback U back in the day, then Miami produced Running back after back, and then their last mini-dynasty, Tight Ends. Bubba Franks, K2, Shockey, for starters, Winslow was in the spotlight way back then. When the Bucs had lost out on Albert Haynesworth, everyone around the Bay area was upset until the news came down that the Bucs had traded for K2 from Cleveland. WInslow, like Clayton, signed a big contract this offseason, and had drops this year. But Kellen's drop started off the bat vs Dallas, and before that, in training camp, when he was a no show for many events. But just when fans started to get ready to call out..he produces..and BIG. Winslow was Josh Johnson's best friend Sunday, hopefully starting a relationship for Bucs fans to get used to. He has always been known as a big play Tight End, but his career has always been full of incidents. 

In Camp, he was called out by Coach Raheem Morris for being an emotional rollercoaster. Well he has us riding the ride now! This movie has no real progression, it simply covers most of the big plays of K2, and lets us relive one of the best  days for a Bucs Tight End in many years.