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Plenty of company at the bottom for Bucs fans!

It's pretty easy to figure out how many Buc's fans realistically thought their team had a legitimate shot at the playoffs this year; around the number of losses the Tennessee Titans had all of last year: 5! Which is the same number they have after the 5th week of the season! As bad as you think it is here in Tampa, its worse in several other NFL cities around the country on this Monday Morning.

Tennesseans thought they had a realistic shot at the Superbowl this year, so how do you think that nightmare feels? Tampa Bay hopefuls looked at the Titans in preseason and wanted to be as good as they are. Well, be careful what you wish for! 

While you might like to tease yourself and point out that other terrible teams are improving while we're stuck in park (or reverse), and teams like Detroit, Oakland, and hey even Cleveland have all won at least one game. I seriously doubt It's any more fun coming close as opposed to getting dropped by 3 scores like we do. Just ask Kansas City, who like us played the Cowboys good for a while, but succumbed in the end. Now they too have run their season backwards to an 0-5 start.

Then you have the Rams, who wore those 1999 uniforms yesterday to remember the "Greatest Show on Turf". No offense to speak of has shown up for 60 quarters the Rams are riding the nations longest losing streak with 15, almost double the Bucs current trek.

And so the Bucs will set up for a fight for reverse dominance of the NFC South, our own little Bizarro championship game coming up Sunday for bragging rights to the celler! I can hear it now.. Chants of "We're number 1!!!" ........ draft pick; so we can get some of the collegiate best to join up with the college kids we have learning the ropes now.

For this week though, its still a bit too early for talk of 0-16. The Bucs have enough talent to win a game or two at home, but the Rams? They have scored 34 points in 5 games, while giving up 146 in the same period. That means on average, the Rams lose games 29-7.

Can anyone get them for  homecoming?