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Positives are there, if you can find them.

Most fans knew going in this was going to be a David vs Goliath. Looking back on the game, the Bucs did show up with some pretty impressive sling shot materials. Just enough to, at times, leave you thinking that they could make a game of it. 

Until Sean Mahan played Matador (Ole) letting Eagle pass rushers through untouched,  or Michael Clayton dropping 4 more passes, for a total of 8 on the year, leading the NFC. Doesn't Raheem Morris understand, Clayton needs 20 touches a game before he can be expected to catch every ball. If Michael Clayton thought he caught heat this week already, that is nothing compared to what this next week will be like. Several fans have already started a website that is getting mentioned on sports radio shows including the Bucs own, and it is bound to get worse. He can no longer be relied upon to catch a football, and no matter how good he blocks, Tampa Bay pays other guys to do that. Some of those guys are called Tight Ends, who coincidentally did not get it done when it came to blocking assignents.

But just when we think we have the Bucs where we want them, players like Kellen Winslow Jr come up and show the youngsters how its done. Numbers are one thing, but K2's 9 catches for 102 yards was not as impressive as the fact two of them were Touchdowns, and that the catches were all seemingly at key moments of the game. Winslow's receptions were PLAYS the team needs to start making. Young guys like Josh Johnson at times looked like the players the Bucs need to turn this losing streak around. Then on other occasions they don't, like losing a simple snap on 4th down, or throwing up the ball when under pressure instead of throwing it away and living for another play. The positives were there to see for Josh Johnson, who had the team moving the ball in between the 20's. Four red zone turnovers killed several scoring drives. 

Jimmy Wilkerson led the defense with 3 sacks, but the pass rush from the Bucs otherwise was virtually non-existant. Gaines Adams, who had the best quarter of his life last week, did not record a tackle.....again. We heard all preseason that this team was going to abandon the Tampa Two but jam up receivers at the line and hold them up until pass rushers get to the quarterback. Sounds good in theory. Problem is this team has no one that can get to the Quarterback, and corners that cannot cover consistantly if at all. The Bucs have given up 8 TD passes of 30 yards or more. There were back to back seasons the Bucs would  not give up that many deep scoring plays.

All of this is sure to bring on even more pressure on first year Head Coach Raheem Morris, who is now having to start to explain the reasons for this, the poorest start in 14 seasons. College Freshmen were not yet in kindergarten the last time a Bucs team was 0-5. The offense was supposed to be a running team with deep throws off of the play action, but shouldn't a team run the ball first successfully before a play-action is effective? The Bucs are currently wasting one of the deepest backfields in team history, including a remarkable return from not one but two career threatening injuries to Cadillac Williams. Not tot mention the valuable experience Josh Johnson is getting that's probably being wasted as Josh Freeman will be getting the start soon when Center Jeff Faine returns, and the lessons for the young QB will have to be repeated. If the losses continue to add up, the calls for Josh Freeman will start to be heard if they aren't already.