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Can't watch the game? You could follow it with Sprint's NFL LIVE!

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The Palm Pre is a very elegant smartphone with an attractive touch feature, and smartly hidden keyboard revealed with a slide.
The Palm Pre is a very elegant smartphone with an attractive touch feature, and smartly hidden keyboard revealed with a slide.

Thanks to you, Buc’em readers, this site and SB Nation in general have really grown over the last year, and with that increased footprint in the internet sports landscape, Corporate sponsors like Sprint and their association with Palm, and NFL Live package wanted us to try out their product & service, to let you the reader know what you can expect. So to start out with, I’d like to give thanks to Sprint for letting me try out the new Palm Pre. I was able to set up the NFL Live application and check out that user experience, and I must say I was impressed to see our own BucWild’s article right there up top, first piece on the SB Nation section of NFL Live. Well I found with this Palm Pre, you can really access an incredible amount of NFL content that includes not only SB Nation material, but the entire lineup of cool shows you see on NFL Network.

How does it work? Simple, you get a phone with Sprint’s crystal clear service, then you log into NFL Live, and click on NEWS, where there you will see the SB Nation Tab.

The NFL Live is a fantastic feature for keeping track of NFL games just like you would on NFL.Com or other major websites. You can even listen to ANY GAME you want; home or away team’s audio!

Another Palm Pre/ Sprint feature  I was very pleased with was the voice GPS service that Sprint was thoughtful to provide me. Turn by turn navigation is a feature that has come in very handy on more than one occasion looking for a business or other landmark. 

 Now if for some reason you are bored with all of this, Sprint’s 3G networks are fast enough to offer you Sprint TV!  Disney Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA, and several more…all streaming either live or On Demand programming….to your phone!

So as our fans are junkies for current, up to date information; I'd seriously recommend checking out the availability of these features that I have found packaged intelligently on the Palm Pre Cell phone and its Sprint service.

Now..make sure you check out those "Can't Miss Plays" vote on them, and you could win one of 17 chances to go to the Superbowl! 

Full Disclosure: Sprint, The NFL’s official telecommunications sponsor, has teamed up with SB Nation and has given me a brand new Palm Pre with full 3g Service for a specific period of time in return for telling Buc'em readers about its services. I would like to thank Sprint for providing SB Nation Blogs, and myself, with a new Palm Pre and it's great NFL Live service for reviewing.