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Buc'em FanPost Contest! Win an ORIGINAL Bucco Bruce Cap!


Get ready for November 8th, 2009; Bucco Bruce returns....and you will be! Ready that is...sporting this never worn collectors item, an original Bucco Bruce era Buccaneers Ball Cap. This cap is NOT part of the new throwback collection, and one look at the tag will show that! This is part of a shipment I got in last month from a collector. He had over 80 Retro style Bucs caps and I've decided to give this one away...and all you have to write!

Thats it! Write a FanPost, Starting Monday morning (12:01 AM)  through Saturday night (11:59 PM), make sure its long enough, and make sure its good! Because The best one will win this Cap shipped to your doorstep in time for the Green Bay game Nov. 8th! Everyone will be at Raymond James with Orange gear, but how many will be authentic era stuff like this? Yours will!

RULES after the Jump..



  • You must post in the FanPost section and it must be enough words to be posted....75!
  • Please check out the revised "FANPOSTS (and fanshots) Guidelines and How To" for guidelines. 
  • Do NOT post just to win the cap. I will remove any fanpost I deem unworthy to even exist! Get a friend to write for you if you have to! Make sure its good!
  • FanPosts must be posted between Monday October 12th through Saturday October 17th at 11:59 PM to win.
  • I will probably have the team decide the winner after I narrow down the best 5, but Winner will be picked on over-all quality. It does not matter what type of writting you choose.. Satire, comedy, or what it is about the Bucs you want to write...History, QB, but it MUST be about the Bucs, no Off Topic posts will be allowed.
  • DO NOT try to be creative with someones name! Use a persons real name. Changing someones name is a no no from now on. Its an attack on a person. 
  • Buc'Em writers are not eligible to win.


Thats it...if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

Good Luck!

NOTE: THIS HAT IS UNWORN, however, it is NOT brand new, and does NOT have a price tag.  Its approximate date of purchase is 1992.