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Can you out-pick us?
Well, can you outpick BucWild?!? Because outpicking me seems to be no big deal! I'll never favor the Bucs again...thats one right per week!

We explain our picks after the Jump...But lets hear yours!! Shout 'em out in comments! This is your chance to go on record...and back it up later!




Cincinnati at BALTIMORE- The Bengals are really one crazy play away from being 5-0. That has to hurt, but not as much as losing this game in convincing fashion to a very serious Baltimore team that wants to assert itself as a Superbowl Probable contestant. Flacco is for real, but Ocho Cinco will get to put on a comedy show.

CLEVELAND at Buffalo- What can I say. Im going with an upset, after the Browns unload their annoyance, they visit Buffalo with King Annoyance himself on the throne. Buffalo’s offense has been a joke. Cleveland in my upset special.

Washington at CAROLINA- This is when you have two ugly looking cookies left, and you have to pick one. Washington tried to give the Bucs the game with all of their expensive free agents, and  Delhome is trying to get forced into retirement. Carolina wins 9-7.

PITTSBURGH at Detroit- The Steelers bounced back last week, sort of, playing a great 3 quarters of football. It used to be only 3 quarters of football was all you needed to beat Detroit. These days they have an offense to put some points on the board. And Pittsburgh showed it can give points up.



Houston at ARIZONA - Arizona has gotten off to a slow start, but should be geared up at home coming off a bye week.  This will be a high scoring affair with Warner and the offense finding a groove.

  NEW ENGLAND at Denver - The Broncos have come from nowhere to start 4-0 this year.  The Pats got a surprise with a loss to the Jets in Week 2.  That woke the Super Bowl contenders up.  With the Broncos narrowly beating an average Dallas team, look for the Patriots to squeak one out.

JACKSONVILLE at Seattle - I have no desire to pick this game, but if I must, I'll take the Jacksonville.  Garrard seems to have found new life with Sims-Walker as a target and MJD will get back on track.  Jacksonville takes this

INDIANAPOLIS at Tennessee - What was supposed to be a good game may get ugly if Tennessee can't keep up with Manning.  Chris Johnson should be able to run on Indy, but the Colts are too much.

Mon   NEW YORK JETS at Miami - Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez were brought back down to Earth last week.  Luckily Ryan can let his defense go wild against a young quarterback in Chad Henne. Henne didn't look bad last week, but playing against this defense will be another story. 




DALLAS at Kansas City - Dallas can't stop the pass and KC can't stop the run. Dallas needs to get on track fast. I think they run the ball early, often and well and win this game easily.

Oakland at NY GIANTS - Surely nobody drafted Darrius Hayward-Bay in their fantasy leagues with the belief that Jamarcus Russell would have a breakout season? OK, this guy did. Oakland can't do anything right offensively and will struggle mightly against this Giants defense that completly shut down Tampa. No way does Oakland win.

Bucs at EAGLES - The Philadelphia Eagles have had two weeks to prepare for this game. McNabb will be 'healthy' and the Bucs are still trying to find answers...everywhere. Can Tampa continue to build on what we saw last week? Having Tanard back will help defend against the pass, but the question remains "Can we find an offense?" Going against the 2nd rate DVOA team in the league, I don't believe we can. Closer than many think, but Filthy wins by 6.

MINNESOTA at St Louis Rams - Did you watch the MNF game? Minnesota is looking like they want to be an elite team. Now did you see my upset special of the week when the Rams showed up against the 49ers? No? Me neither. No-Brainer, Minnesota wins big.

ATLANTA at SF 49ers - Atlanta has had two weeks to figure out how to move the ball against a stingy Niners defense. Expect to see ALOT of Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Tony G. in this game. The Niners don't allow anyone to run against them. In a bit of an upset I will stick with the NFC South team and pick Atlanta (my new home) to hand San Fran their 2nd loss.