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Classic Enemy Flashback! 2002 NFC Championship Game; You Go Joe & Barber Coast to Coast!

Lets go back in time to yesteryear, 2002 season to be exact, and the Bucs are in the NFC Championship game! ...the they have to play the team that has knocked them out of the playoffs the last two years in a row. Absolutely NO ONE but the biggest die hard fan thought we had a chance to win. There were several big plays made in this game. The Mike Alstott run off our Goal Line to give us breathing room which resulted in a first down; Keyshawns TD catch, The Big FG to answer their opening TD...But none were bigger than the Big   3! Joe Jurivicious' catch and run down the sideline, Which set up Mike Alstotts TD, and Ronde Barber's game clincher. You cant think of one without the other anymore!

Well enjoy them as we get ready to take on the Eagles!