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Enemy Flashback! 2006- Philadelphia Eagles come to town on Matt Bryant Day!

The man on the TV lied.
He said "All you have to do is watch and listen".
Well I had to do a whole lot more when I was watching this 2006 sun-scorching thriller; Philadelphia at Tampa Bay. With Cheesesteaks on the ground and a Cream Cheese thermometer, the Fox crew did an ok job of calling the event, but Gene Deckerhoff hit it home like he always does!
"Matt Bryant is my Hero!"
It wasnt the greatest comeback in Bucs history, nor did it accomplish much. The next week the Bucs went out and lost in the Wind Bowl with 45+ pass attempts. But it WAS one of the top 5 most dramatic moments in Bucs history. 
On the heels of perhaps another classic with Philly... Enemy Flashback relives the last time the Bucs and Eagles played...Week 6 2006. 
The Gene Deckerhoff classic audio call is included!