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What we know 3 weeks in...

There are few people who thought this Bucs team was playoff caliber...but talking about the draft already in Week 3?

Thats some of the chatter on the local airwaves the last few days. So before we get into "Should we trade down" or "do we get Tebow",  lets take a look at what we do know about our 2009 Buccaneers.

The Offense, ranked as high as #4 last week, is now back in familiar Buccaneer territory at 25th. Thats what happens when you go out and gain the least yards of any Bucs team not playing in snow or as an official expansion team.  Byron Leftwich has been removed as the quarterback, and we are putting the game in the hands of last years 4th string QB, who as we hear happens to be one of the smartest signal callers on the Pewter sidelines. It was Detroit's decision to go with Backup Orlovsky that the losses really started to pile up.

The running game, which was supposed to be the foundation of this team, has been mired in quicksand; self imposed mostly as the defense (next tirade) is unable to contain teams and gives up too many points early, falling behind and forcing the team to somewhat abandon the game plan. 

Last years surprise receiver, Antonio Bryant, has done his best 2008 Joey Galloway impersonation. Michael Clayton has abandoned his week one attempt at a revival, in return for a more 2005-2008 look; dropping a sure TD pass in the back of the end zone.  

And will the real defense, PLEASE stand up!! Are you the inept group that let Dallas run all over you like an '81 Plymouth at a tractor pull? Yes they do seem to be improving each week. If they keep it up, by week 16 we'll only give up 365 yards in the last game! That's Warren Sapp-ish!

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE... We have a good reason or two to catch the action Sunday afternoon. It's always a gas watching a new quarterback start isnt it?

For the record, this is the, GULP, 13th QB to start since Tony Dungy took over this team with Trent Dilfer at the helm. Unlucky? Are you kidding? With the Bucs? Tampa Bay is the most likely cursed team in the universe! The 13th Quarterback is more likely to have good luck on the team that once wore an Orange Pirate, and now has a skull and crossbones as its logo!

In all seriousness, Josh Johnson has the mobility of Jeff Garcia, the accuracy of Brad Johnson, and the intelligence of, well, no other QB ever to wear a Buc uniform! JJ learned Gruden's offense and has the new one's ( who is in charge of the offense again?) down too!

Oh and we will be watching to see if Gaines Adams can finally break out of the funk and tackle the quarterback. Come on, he did look good last week chasing Eli Manning! Two pressures after 3 games! When he does get those sacks, his $ per sack average will be the highest in the league! ..probably ever!

And finally, another reason to watch TV...the game is on the tele, and with the Bucs performance, there may not be too many of those to go around.