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ON THIS DAY: October 1st, 2000 Bucs at Redskins!

Deion goes 'Prime Time' in overtime

Week 5 2005; Tampa Bay at Washington

What a coincidence. The Bucs are traveling to Washington this weekend, and On This day 9 years ago, our offense struggled against the Skins. In a total miracle play, the Bucs scored a TD with only minutes left in the game, and then with the help of a missed FG by former Bucs kicker Michael Husted, got down the field in time to tie the game on a Gramatcia FG! Unfortunately, it was all for naught though, and Neon Deion Sanders put on a Prime Time display in Overtime with a Punt return that dropped the Bucs to 3-2 after an impressive 3-0 start. 


NOTE: Very sorry that the video of Deion Sanders is not of suitable quality, I wasn't  aware of the damage to my disk, and am having it replaced.