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Will someone please speak up?

Normally I tune out after Jim Rome's show ends at 3 PM.  However, I actually listened to Steve Duemig on AM-620 today and agreed with something he had to say: where the hell is Bruce Allen amongst this train wreck ending to the season?  He's literallly said NOTHING publicly... or privately that's become public... about what the hell happened at the end of the year.  Nothing about the tank job... or really any comment about the season for that matter.  Nothing about whether the Bucs will be players in the free agent market or will be cheapskates. 

Buc fans right now are concerned about this organization from the top all the way down (not that I personally agree with all of the following, but...). The team is $46 mil under the salary cap.   The Glazers seem more interested in investing in their little soccer team than make the necessary investments in the Bucs.  John Gruden can't accept the tank job, choosing instead to cite injuries as an excuse for not winning one game out of four.  The Broncos and Rams are batting their pretty little eyes at Raheem Morris.  Can anyone fill Monte Kiffin's huge shoes?  Bruce Allen and Mark Dominik are under the gun for free agent and draft moves that have left the Bucs paper thin at several positions.  Dominik is also reportedly a candidate for the Chiefs' vacant GM position.  Bruce Allen faces a defining offseason in 2009.  The QB position is unsettled, to put it nicely.  Joey Galloway can't be counted on for another season and Antonio Bryant likely will be looking to cash in on his career 2008 season in free agency (unless he gets franchised).  Michael Clayton wants out of dodge (oh, wait, is that a bad thing?).  Gaines Adams is 2 years in and yet to be the dominant pass rusher he was drafted to become.  Rhonde is looking mortal. Caddy's wheel. 

Buc fans have many questions.  Can we get the answers to all of them right now?  Of course not, but it'd be nice to hear someone important give us something to wash the foul taste out of our collective mouths.