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Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Raheem Morris the Hot Coaching Product

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Raheem Morris leaving to coach somewhere else… Does that bother you? He’s been with the Buccaneers since 2002, taking one year off (2006) to be a College Defensive Coordinator. The defense and team record has been very good with Morris in the Coaching picture. This season however, his defense had taken a step back. The defense was solid up until that fourth quarter of the season. Sure Ronde Barber amongst others was allowing their fair share of splash plays, but the win column was filling up in spite of those shortcomings (defending the pass against the Broncos and Chiefs). The defensive line never struck fear in the eyes of its opponents, but it did its job, namely against the Falcons and Bears. Derrick Brooks and Cato June never had showcase performances, but they made tackles when they had to. Barrett Ruud was Raheem’s spotlight performer much of the season, defending passes, picking off passes, and disrupting the Quarterback on blitzes.

For a defense that hadn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher much less a rushing touchdown well into the season, that fourth quarter of the season was torturous. Carolina’s backs ran for over 300 yards in one disappointing Monday Night Football game. The Raiders Michael Bush looked like Reggie Bush In his college days amassing over 140 yards on the ground. Obviously that wasn’t Raheem Morris’ defense, it was certainly partially his, but it was on Monte Kiffin to get those guys to show up. Do you have any doubts about Morris though? He was along for the ride, his name is a part of that four game slide to end the season. When Raheem left to coach it up in the College ranks, his secondary obviously took a step back, and when he returned, so did the secondary. This season though it struggled. Are you the slightest bit concerned about Raheem Morris as this team’s Defensive Coordinator?