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May the NFL Draft Rumors and Speculation begin...

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Tonight is College Football's holy grail. Don't miss the action. Gators vs Sooners 8pm est on Fox.... Go Gators (I can't believe I just said that). Question? Do you think Tebow being left handed stops Gruden from even contemplating the idea of bringing him aboard should he elect to enter the draft after beating the Sooners? Keep an eye on Percy Harvin as well, kid can play (when he's not injured)...

"If Sam Bradford [Oklahoma] declares (for the NFL Draft), he takes a nose dive a la Brady Quinn/Aaron Rodgers." - New Era Scouting's Luke Paul Chandler

If the Heisman Trophy winner were to drop ala Quinn-Rodgers would you endorse the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picking him up with the 19th pick in April's NFL Draft?

"Tim Tebow (Florida) will be a quarterback in the NFL." - New Era Scouting's Luke Paul Chandler

Tim Tebow would look pretty good in Miami's wildcat offense.

As the Bull Gator alluded to in another thread, it would be a tough pill to swallow if a feisty team like the Atlanta Falcons were able to scoop him up.

Keep in mind neither player has declared for the NFL Draft. Both players will face off in College Football's FedEx BCS National Championship Game on Thursday at 8:00pm Est on Fox when (#1) Oklahoma faces off against (#2) Florida.