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The Bucs’ 10 Best Draft Picks: #4 – John Lynch

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4. John Lynch – S – 1993 – 3rd Round (82nd Overall)

Like many of his teammates in the Bucs’ secondary, John Lynch seemed to be made to play in the Tampa 2.

Although mostly known for his big hits, Lynch provided more than just clips for the highlight reels. He will probably go down as one of the best safeties ever against the run. Most safeties are just that – the safety valve the running back eventually runs into when he gets past the rest of the defense. But Lynch went up and found the backs before they got to him. Rushing into the box before the snap, he was the key to the confusion the Bucs’ defense created for its opponents.

Over his 15-year career, he was selected to nine Pro Bowls, including in each of his final four seasons (all with the Denver Broncos). Lynch retired during the 2008 season.

5. Ronde Barber – CB – 1997 – 3rd Round (66th Overall)
6. Mike Alstott – RB – 1996 – 2nd Round (35th Overall)
7. Warrick Dunn – RB – 1997 – 1st Round (12th Overall)
8. Paul Gruber – T – 1988 – 1st Round (4th Overall)
9. James Wilder – RB – 1981 – 2nd Round (34th Overall)
10. Doug Williams – QB – 1979 – 1st Round (17th Overall)