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The NFL Playoffs begin today... Ugh

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The NFL's Wild Card Playoffs begin at 4:30 PM EST this afternoon! Obviously the Bucs arent a part of it, but there's no reason to wish a first round blowout for the Atlanta Falcons. Okay maybe there is. At any rate, consider this your open thread for today's games, your predictions for today's games, and anything else playoffs-related.

Atl_medium   Ari_medium
Atlanta Falcons (11-5) at Arizona Cardinals (9-7)
4:30 PM EST, NBC
Falcons coverage: The Falcoholic
Cardinals coverage: Revenge of the Birds

We didn't see Arizona at all this season other than drooling over Anquan Boldin in the off-season. We do know the Falcons however. They are a young, feisty bunch who plays the game the right way. I think Matt Ryan is the type of QB that will shake the fact that he's playing in the Playoffs and I think he will play well. Arizona's offense will put ATL's Defense to the test today. Final Verdict: I think the Falcons pull it out. The Cardinals havent been running on all cylinders to close out the season and we all know how that can end up for your Playoff hopes. Good luck Red Dave, I'm pulling for you.

Prediction: FALCONS 30, CARDINALS 20

Ind_medium   Sd_medium
Indianapolis Colts (12-4) at San Diego Chargers (8-8)
8:00 PM EST, NBC
Colts coverage: Stampede Blue
Chargers coverage: Bolts from the Blue

Damn I hate the Chargers. This team is in the Playoffs at (8-8) and you know what? They deserve it as far as I'm concerned because they won the games they needed. Namely in Tampa. The Colts are a well oiled machine and I expect them to stop the Chargers woffling ways today.

Prediction: Colts 38, Chargers 21

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Hat tip to Buffalo Rumblings for the preview piece.