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SB Nation's NFL Studs and Duds Annual Awards

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Each year the SB Nation Football sites vote on a variety of awards.  Naturally we've got the obvious awards for MVP, Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year.  However, we also vote on the duds around the league including worst coach, worst player and worst rookie.  There were no Bucs on the list, but I'm not exactly shocked by that.  While we had some talented guys, nobody was going to be nationally prominent enough for this sort of list.

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning, Colts & Chad Pennington, Dolphins TIE (35%)
Best Player on Offense: Drew Brees, Saints
Best Player on Defense: James Harrison, Steelers
Best Rookie: Matt Ryan, Falcons
Best Coach: Tony Sporano, Dolphins

Comeback Player of the Year: Chad Pennington, Dolphins

Worst Player of the Year: Braylon Edwards, Browns
Worst Rookie of the Year: Vernon Gholston, Jets
Worst Coach of the Year: Romeo Crennel, Browns & Rod Marinelli, Lions

Notables from the voting:

I attempted to get some love for WR Antonio Bryant and some hate for Dexter Jackson, but neither guy was as deserving as Drew Brees or Vernon Gholston.