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BREAKING NEWS: Bucs Hire Jeff Jagodzinski to Run Offense

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have found their new offensive coordinator - former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski.

Jagodzinski was fired from BC a few weeks ago after interviewing for the head coach job with the New York Jets. In two seasons at Boston College, Jagodzinski led the school to two straight ACC Championship Game appearances.

For those of you wondering about his ability to coach in the NFL, Jagodzinski spent eight years as an assistant with the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons. He also helped turn Matt Ryan into the player he is today.

Not a bad hire if you ask me. Of course we'll have to see which players he has to work with before we can make a better read on what we can expect from the Bucs' offense in 2009.

Per Gang Green Nation our fellow SBNation Jets Blogger:

Jeff Jagodzinski, Head Coach, Boston College

Pros: Eight years of NFL coaching experience. Was Brett Favre's offensive coordinator in Green Bay in 2006. Helped develop Matt Ryan. Led BC to top ten ranking in 2007. Took BC to ACC Championship Game in both seasons as head coach.

Cons: Only two years of head coaching experience.

Verdict: Brett Favre's turnaround in 2007 really began in late 2006 with Jagodzinski as his offensive coordinator. The Packers went on a tear to end that season. This relationship with Favre would be a major positive. At Boston College, Jagodzinski has done nothing but win, including a division title in 2008 with a team that lost over twenty seniors and two first round picks. Should Favre retire, his work with Matt Ryan would be enticing, considering one of the three young quarterbacks on the roster would probably take over. He probably will not get the job with all of the other big names in the mix. However, Jagodzinski might be the guy who breaks the trend of college coaches being unsuccessful in the NFL. The last success story, Coughlin, also came from BC.

Here's Jagz bio from Boston College

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