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Sunday odds and ends: Herm Edwards available

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With the ascension of Raheem Morris from DB coach to head coach, the DB coach position remains vacant.  On Sportscenter this morning, analyst John Clayton reported that Herm Edwards surprisingly isn't interested in assuming a DC position, but is actually interested in coaching the DB position.  Crikey.  Ok.   Well, that could work out well for the Bucs.  The Tribune muses this possibility as well.  Good heavens, how great would it be to have Jim Bates AND Herm Edwards on the same sideline?

The Tribune also is reporting that the Bucs will not be raising ticket prices for 2009 (at least not yet, heh!).  A minimum price of $42 per ticket really isn't that bad. 

From the unfounded, unsupported, and unbelievable rumor department:, citing Pete Prisco of, is throwing out a little rumor linking Urban Meyer to the Bucs' head coaching position in the event things don't work out well in 2009 for Raheem Morris.  I couldn't believe that rumor any less.  I don't think they'd drop the axe on Raheem after one year, even if the Bucs have a bad season (sans a Cam Cameron-type season, of course).