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What to Watch: 2009 Senior Bowl on NFL Network

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Raheem Morris, Mark Dominik, and Greg Olsen's hard work this week culminates with tonight's Senior Bowl game. Those of you with the NFL Network will be able to witness the event first hand, the rest of us? Not so much. At any rate there's several prospects taking part that should interest every Bucs fan (among others):

WR Derrick Williams Penn State CB Victor 'Macho' Harris DT B.J. Raji Boston College CB Alphonso Smith Wake Forest WR Quan Cosby Texas LB Brian Cushing USC WR Greg Carr FSU LB Rey Maualuga USC DL Fili Moala USC OL Antoine Caldwell Alabama

Who's ready for the NFL Draft in late April? ha! Click the jump to see the stats from the Senior Bowl!