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The Bucs’ 10 Best Draft Picks: #6 – Mike Alstott

6. Mike Alstott – RB – 1996 – 2nd Round (35th Overall)

Mike Alstott will go down as one of the most liked players ever to wear a Bucs uniform.

Over 11 seasons (we won’t count 2007 because he didn’t play in a single game and was basically retired without being officially retired), Alstott rushed for 5,088 yards and had another 2,284 yards receiving. He scored 71 touchdowns over his career – a Bucs’ record – and during his prime was a lock to get the ball in short yardage situations.

Alstott was named to 6 Pro Bowl teams and 4 All-Pro teams. Although listed as a fullback throughout his career, he lined up as the feature ball carrier in the backfield on numerous occasions.

Another strong member of the community, fans were very pleased Alstott was able to retire as a Buc.

7. Warrick Dunn – RB – 1997 – 1st Round (12th Overall)
8. Paul Gruber – T – 1988 – 1st Round (4th Overall)
9. James Wilder – RB – 1981 – 2nd Round (34th Overall)
10. Doug Williams – QB – 1979 – 1st Round (17th Overall)