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Jeff Garcia Speaks Out

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Per an AM 620 WDAE afternoon blitz audio clip, Jeff Garcia stated today that he was greatly surprised by the firing of Gruden and Allen. When asked if he expected to return to the Bucs, he said it depends on who the Bucs hire as an offensive coordinator and the offensive system and philosophy they employ, but that he's open to returning.

Would you welcome back Jeff Garcia? On one hand, he'd be happier without the weekly peeing match with Gruden, which could only help his on-field productivity. He's head and shoulders better than the remaining options (although I will say I like Johnson's potential down the road). Despite his calf problems and bitching during the season, we got to see what a physical warrior he was during the last few games (that shot he took from Quentin Jammer against San Diego was especially nasty!).

Onnnnnn the other hand... it was reported (albeit through a hearsay report through his father) that Jeff told his Dad that players played with no fire at the end of the season... even with a playoff spot a mere game away. WHAT. THE. FRICK. That still makes me wanna puke. Different teams have different leaders, but the buck still stops and starts with the quarterback. If Jeff can't get up, and get the guys up, for playing hard with the playoffs one home win away, I can't imagine him caring much more next season. Maybe he'd get more motivated playing under Raheem. Maybe he just is over playing the game of football. I really don't know.

Point is... due to the lack of QB talent on the roster and the scant QB free agent crop, the Bucs need to take a long, hard look at bringing him back. However, if they do, they need to bring back a more focused and motivated Jeff Garcia, if they can gauge such a thing. Once all the staff hires are made, they need to sit down with him and see where his head is at. If he's just not in it anymore, they need to part ways.

UPDATE: Here's the whole interview with Jeff.