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Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Barrett Ruud to hit the Radio Airwaves this Saturday

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Barrett Ruud aka 'Stache' will be hitting your radio airwaves this Saturday. The fellas from Heavy Soul will feature Ruud in their Weekly Grind series this Saturday at 10am on 1180 KOIL--sister station to 1620 The Zone (ESPN) and 1290 KKAR. To stream the show live on the internet click here. If you are in the Omaha area you can catch the interview on the radio.

The fellas plan on discussing the steadily approaching Super Bowl (to be played in Tampa) and the business side of being in the NFL with Ruud. All in all, it is looking like a fantastic show. Be ready to call in with questions.

You can hit them up in the studio at (402) 342-1180, or e-mail them at theweeklygrind (at) The plan is to get Barrett to stick around to answer some of your phone calls/e-mails. Good luck and I'll attempt to summarize the Interview next week...

Speaking of Ruud, it feels like he's been the starter for 10 years already. He stepped in without skipping a beat for Shelton Quarles. Since taking over the position he has led the Bucs in tackling two years running. Each season he appeared to fade as the season wore on, but his numbers have increased having said that. In '07 he was 19th in the league in total tackles with 114, this past season he was in the Top 5 in 4th place with 137 tackles, just 17 tackles off the top spot. That's a heck of a leap from one season to the next, all the while playing the most demanding of the Linebacker positions.He's only 25 years old so clearly his best days are ahead of him, that's scary (for the opposition) considering he's essentially just completed his second season in the league as a starter.