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Friday night linkage: Garcia's Dad Speaks Out

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Many things that people had thought, mused about, and hinted at regarding the Bucs were brought out into the open by an individual relatively close to at least one of the players: Jeff Garcia's Dad, Bob Garcia.  Hat tip to the Tribune for finding and quoting the Gilroy (CA) Dispatch, in which Bob and a local reporter conduct a Q&A after the conclusion of the regular season.  Bob opened up about Jeff's struggles this year and his future with the team, the tension with Gruden, and the team's slide at the end of the season.    Now, I pointed out previously the defense's overall failure to execute down the stretch.... but Bob goes overboard, referring to Derrick Brooks chasing down opponents in a wheelchair.  That's cold.  He also says Jeff told him that the team had no fire, even with the playoffs in the palm of their hand. 

Also, Raheem Morris' interview with the Broncos has been moved from next Monday to next Wednesday.  Other announced candidates for the job include, NYG defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, NE offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel, and DAL offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

In non-Buc related NFL news, Jared Allen personally urged Viking fans to buy up the approximately 8000 tickets that remained earlier today for their playoff Sunday with the Eagles.