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Belated, post-vacation take

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Um, can't a guy go on a short vacation without all hell breaking loose?  It truly was an incredible weekend at One Buc Place, as I learned on the radio on the way down to the Keys on Friday. 

Neither I nor any other writer on here has called for Gruden or Allen's head.  That said, once the initial shock wore off, it made sense for the Glazers to drop the axe this offseason.  For an offensive genius, Gruden's offenses recently had been... well.... offensive.    Bruce Allen's drafting after the second round has been awful, with his free agency acquisitions slightly better.  Neither man appeared truly willing to take much blame for the team's collapse and the future looked bleak.  That future now looks promising.

The various player reactions in favor of (or at least not rabidly opposed to) the change also spoke volumes.  It further confirmed the lack of respect and support that Coach Gruden and several of the players had for each other.  Jeff Garcia's reported comments about the team's lack of motivation with a playoff spot a mere win away seem to have been accurate.  That's.... just..... pathetic, by both the players and coaching staff.

Gruden's loss is Raheem's gain.  What an incredible 7 week period for Raheem.  Defensive backs coach in November.  Promoted to Defensive Coordinator in December.  Interviews with Denver for their head coaching position.  Begins to receive national recognition as an up and coming hot commodity... the next Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, etc.  Linked as a candidate to the St. Louis job.  Heck, the only person in the news who's had a better month is probably Barack Obama.  The Glazers couldn't let him get away and make a run with another team.  They had 6 seasons since the Super Bowl to see what they had with Gruden and they knew it was time for a fresh start.  I can't wait.