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Raheem Morris introduced as new Head Coach at Today's Press Conference

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Just got done watching Raheem Morris' introduction to the Press. While watching the guy, the word that comes to mind is Raw. He didnt really divulge much information in terms of his plans and how could he to be honest? He did say his team would score touchdowns and get the ball back. He also expressed how fired up he was for the opportunity, as well as grateful and that the organization practically raised him. I'm sure the Pewter Report or the St. Pete Times will post the transcript.

The guy carried himself very well and even cracked a few jokes. One about listening to the same type of music as Jermaine Phillips, but probably not the same type as Derrick Brooks, zing! He seemed excited to see that his players were in the audience (Those players were: Mike Alstott, Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, Ronde Barber, Greg Stylez White, Jermaine Phillips, and Cato June). I was hoping to hear from the new G.M. in Mark Dominik, but there's plenty of time for that.

If you were curious as to how Gruden was handling all of this, Raheem said he received a text message from Chucky saying to 'Take it and run with it'... Classy Jon...

The defense responds to the Raheem Morris hiring:

LB Barrett Ruud:

"Basically, I’m ecstatic over the decision," said Ruud. "I’m a huge fan of his as a coach and I think he was on that fast track to being a head coach and he’s one of the young, rising superstars in the profession. So I’m thrilled he’s going to be coaching me while I’m there and I think he brings not only great X’s and O’s strategy and fundamental football, but he really knows situational football too. You combine that with knowing how to motivate people and knowing how to push people, I think he’s going to be a great coach" -

LB Derrick Brooks:

"In anything with change, you have questions, but I think the one thing that Coach Morris will bring to the table is energy, everybody being on the same page at the same time, from top to bottom," said Brooks. "I think that’s going to be key, because we have to deal with change. The more comfortable people are in their roles and knowing their roles, the better we can deal with this change and make the best of it." -

LB Cato June:

"It’s good that we can hire from within a guy that’s been a part of our program and knows how we do things, knows the expectations and understands winning and knows how to win and is going to get the guys motivated and hopefully turn this thing around as far as our organization." -

Click here to listen to the Press Conference in full...