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Why the Glazers fired Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen now

Many of you have asked why the Glazers would fire Gruden and Allen now, why not wait a year when Morris has a year under his belt and has proven himself. The guys over at the Pewter Report explain why the Glazers chose to go this route:

"The Glazers have great relationships with both Dominik and Morris and knew that Dominik would be promoted to a G.M. position somewhere next year and that Morris would be a head coach in 2010. The Glazers wanted to move quickly on those two and not roll the dice that Allen and Gruden could get the team to 10 wins or more in 2009. If they didn't Allen and Gruden were going to be fired and there is a strong chance that Dominik could have been elsewhere by then (his contract is up in May) and the Bucs could have had several teams after Morris. The Glazers viewed this as "rather be a year too early, than a year too late." Both Dominik and Morris are viewed as rising stars in the NFL and the Glazers did not want them to go elsewhere and have success when they could have stayed and had success in Tampa Bay." - Pewter Report

So, like we figured, the move was made to secure Raheem Morris' services and Mark Dominik's as well. Call it a panic move, call it cleaning house prematurely, call it a genius move as Gruden/Allen had eclipsed their welcome. The bottom line is what's done is done. Gruden and Allen didnt provide consistent results and so the Glazers moved on. As far as the $25 million left on Gruden/Allen's contracts, if they were to sign somewhere else for more money, the Glazers would be off the hook, if not the Glazers would have to cover the difference. At this point, I don't see either guy signing some where this season, but both will certainly land on their feet for the 2010 NFL Season. Hopefully for that prospective franchise they do not come as a package deal...