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Close up look at new Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris

I was just going to post this in the Fan Shot section (and i will), but let's be honest, we don't know much about new Head Coach Raheem Morris. The video below is from his lone season at Kansas State in 2006. Everybody loves Gruden for his fire, me included and i wondered whether Raheem would have that same fire... Don't tell me this video doesnt pique your interest into the type of presence Raheem can provide this entire team:

Thanks to FattyCountDown for posting this on YouTube. I love Raheem's energy. It's a lot different than the profanity laced energy Gruden brings to the sidelines. By the way, is that our new Head Coach dancing on the sidelines? Ha...

"I get crunk, I get crunk"

Thinking more and more about promoting Raheem Morris as Head Coach I keep coming back to growth or more specifically on-the-job training. There's a chance Raheem's staff hits the ground running and the win column doesnt skip a beat, but reality suggest the learning process will take some time. We've discussed our lack of a Franchise Quarterback and a month ago many of you were ready to groom and grow with that Quarterback. Well now its time to grow with the Head Coach and his entire staff are you ready for that?