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Head Coach Vacancy up for grabs, who should the Bucs pursue

The ink isnt entirely dry on the dismissal papers of Head Coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Bruce Allen, but it's the weekend and so you might as well think about it. Who should the Bucs replace Gruden with?

Image via St. Pete Times

Buccaneers WR's react to the news of Head Coach Jon Gruden getting fired:

WR Antonio Bryant's take:

"I’m very surprised, you know I felt very comfortable, especially in the environment," Bryant said. "It’s a family atmosphere and everybody got along well, and it’s shocking, but that’s the nature of the business. I feel a sense of loyalty to anything that is Buccaneer. Jon Gruden was definitely a Buccaneer, he gave his all in everything. He was very devoted and a passionate guy about the game. I’m still a Buccaneer until March 1st and just the opportunity that he gave me, the organization, the ownership and the Glazers, I trust their decision in knowing that they feel they made the decision to do the right thing." - per the Bucs Beat

Free Agent to be, Michael Clayton's thoughts on the firing:

"How do you build a championship team with all the inconsistency? You have to do it the right way. I've always been a person who feels like you reap what you sow. You have to treat people fairly. It's about showing more confidence in your players. He was kind of a turncoat. He'd tell you one thing and then do something else." - Bucs Beat

Michael Clayton's quotes say it all right there. Gruden simply mishandled his players and allowed Bruce Allen to bring in mediocre talent and like Clayton said, you reap what you sow. You gotta think Clayton is referencing the instance this past season where Gruden told him he was going to play, Clayton told reporters, and then Gruden called Mike out about it. There's probably dozens of situations that occurred like that over the past seven years. Things like that get overlooked when you win... Good luck Gruden, it wasnt always fun, but you certainly kept it interesting.