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Thursday Linkage: Derrick Brooks out of Pro Bowl

Derrick Brooks will sit out next month's Pro Bowl after getting banged up pretty good towards the end of the season (or at least that's what Gruden would say... heh!).  Seattle LB Julian Peterson has been selected as his replacement. 

Florida WR Percy Harvin declared himself eligible for the 2009 NFL draft along with USC QB Mark Sanchez.  Harvin's time probably will never be better, with him coming off monstrous performances against FSU and Oklahoma and looking like Reggie Bush redux most of this season.  Physically, he's NFL ready (his speed, ha, well, we know he's got it....  he reportedly maxed over 400 lbs on bench and repped 225 lbs over 25 times (!!!)).  I'd love to see him in the Bucs offense as a slot receiver/RB Bush-type HR threat, especially in the Bucs short passing game.  Unfortunately, he'll be gone well before pick 19.  Sanchez might as well go now, as next year's QB draft class will be studly with Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy leading the way.