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Saturday Odds and Ends: Allen speaks out

I missed the press conference yesterday due to an impromptu meeting, but it sounds like we didn't get alot of answers or accountability.  I'm watching the press conference on the Bucs' website right now.  They were a 9-3 team?  Ha!  Back in November!  C'mon Bruce.... Anywho, feel free to list your thoughts and interpretations below.  If you want to watch the whole thing, click here.

In more upbeat news, KR Clifton Smith was named as a Second-team All-Pro selection, the only Buccaneer selected.  This selection really is even more of an honor (or at least more difficult to receive) than a Pro Bowl nod because it's a combined AFC/NFC roster.  Hat tip to Clifton. 

The Bull Gator:

The man who didn't even begin the season as the Bucs' kick returner has been named to the second team. Congrats Clifton! You earned it.

Smith - the only Buc to make the first or second team - was beaten out by only the Jets' Leon Washington at his position.