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New Years Day Nuggets: More Gruden?; Raheem a Denver Candidate?

Per the Times this morning, John Gruden could be adding brother Jay Gruden to the coaching staff as his new tight ends coach to replace Bob Casullo, whose contract is about to expire. 

Also, Raheem Morris has reportedly been linked as a candidate for the Denver Broncos head coaching position.  Gah!!!  I almost spit my morning coffee across the room.  As stated before, I am very happy with his selection as Defensive Coordinator, having experience in this system and familiarity with the current roster and NFC South offenses.   No doubt Raheem is a nice coach and capable of developing solid relationships with players.  Is he ready to take the reigns of a franchise as renowned and demanding as the Denver Broncos?  I find that a little hard to believe, especially where he hasn't had experience as an NFL coordinator or college head coach.  That said, I'm selfish and biased because I want him to stay.  The upcoming week should be very interesting.