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Fantasy Football Fleaflicker Standings: The Week of Mediocrity

The third week of NFL Football is over... With that came the end of the third week of our Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League.. Who reigned supreme? Check it out below:

So it appears I have to eat some humble pie for the second week in a row. SenDawg lowered the hammer on my second loss in a row, way to treat the Fantasy Leagues creator! I'll get you back the next time we meet. This week I WILL win as I face Stixx, ha! Just kidding man, should be a good match-up. We still have a couple undefeated's embarrassing the rest of us in the league: SenDawg, Ghosthippo (get out of here), and LJTaylor. Congratulations!!

Sendawg and last year's reigning champ, WBC, face-off so that should be a pretty good match-up. Ghosthippo faces off against the AWOL NoahChestNut who is playing fairly stout Fantasy Football at (2-1) despite being nowhere to be heard of, heh. Joel, you finally left the lowest score for the week behind, don't get to excited as you still lost and are winless, ouch. By the way, there are three winless clubs in the league (ha!): The Bull Gator, Stixx, and Lone Star (our Texas Bucs Fan). You guys may want to scour the free agent market. Just sayin'

It's getting interesting, about as interesting as the Add/Drop Transaction history, you guys are BUSY!!!! Thanks again to Fleaflicker from AOL's Fanhouse for presenting the league for Buc 'Em participation...

As always good luck this week!! Don't forget to set your rosters as I had several players that are sitting this week due to Bye Weeks...