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Several Buccaneers Questionable for Atlanta Falcons Sunday

If you’re not going to win the game and clearly we didn’t, the next best thing is coming out of the game unscathed and injury free. The Buccaneers weren’t so lucky:

QB Jeff Garcia has a sprained ankle reports the St. Pete Times. He’s already listed as questionable for Sunday’s divisional match-up with the Atlanta Falcons. Add that injury to his previous calf and ’pinky’ injuries.

LB Derrick Brooks also sustained a strained hamstring injury during the game and is listed as questionable as well for Sunday’s match-up with the Falcons. Brooks has been as reliable as Brett Favre over the years so it’s really odd to see him on the sidelines. Hopefully he’s able to get back out there this weekend, as he’s sorely needed.

And finally, WR Maurice Stovall sustained a neck sprain and is listed as questionable…