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Audio File: Jon Gruden sounds off during Tampa Bay Buccaneers Practice

The NFL Network recently got video footage of Head Coach Jon Gruden mouthing off at practice. If you didnt believe 'The Legend' that has become Head Coach Jon Gruden's playbook terminology, please take a listen to the audio below and become a believer:

The Player telling Gruden he never rest is Injured Reserve WR Cortez Hankton

I think by this audio we can hear why Dan Buenning was recently traded, sheesh

I believe the Dayton comment was thrown at Rookie QB Josh Johnson referencing his level of previous opponents

Tell me that play terminology isnt sick. Imagine Gruden as an old man muffing his own play calls and still getting mad at the players for it.

Like Chucky said, we have to get great play from the D-Line Sunday in order to set things up for our athletic LB's and DB's

Do yourself a favor and check out the video, it's worth the time to see Gruden at his best, worst? Click here for the video.

The audio is a bit loud so you may want to turn it down before you press play if you happen to be at work

Hat tip to Kennie for the link