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Buc 'Em Fantasy Football: JScott mounts a comeback!

It's Tuesday and you know what that means!! Another week has finished in the Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League. First and foremost, thank you Stixx for the Victory. You put up a valiant effort, I think scoring the most points up to this point in your season, but a win for you was not to be. Success for me was!! This week I battle the one and only undefeated GHOSTHIPPO, its on son.. You are going down man!!! I circled this match-up 5 weeks ago and here it is... Prepare your roster for defeat!!

Ghosthippo isnt the only Fantasy Leaguer that is undefeated; SenDawg continues his reign of supremity in my very own division. Don't look now, but The Bull Gator finally got a win! ha! Welcome to the party man... Reigning FF Champ, Awburn7, took a crushing loss to Sendawg dropping his record to .500, join the crowd my man.

Alright folks, I hope you're enjoying the Buc 'Em Fantasy Football League brought to you by AOL's Fanhouse and Flea Flicker. Don't forget to set your rosters as Bye Weeks are playing a key role these days!!!