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Buccaneers lose CB Marcus Hamilton to the Chicago Bears

With Rookie CB's Elbert Mack and Aqib Talib poised to return this week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put CB Marcus Hamilton on waivers in an effort to sneak him back onto the Practice Squad... Ah yeah, that didnt work out too well. The team that Marcus Hamilton made his NFL debut against picked the third year Cornerback off waivers. The Chicago Bears have signed Marcus Hamilton to a contract.

Marcus looked good at times on Sunday while giving Ronde Barber a breather. He also showed his lack of experience at times as well. This is the chance the Bucs take by promoting players from the Practice Squad with the intention of sending them back. There's a chance they impress a squad, as Hamilton did and the Bucs lose their man. The Bucs spent a 7th round draft pick on Hamilton several years ago. This definitely hurts the Bucs depth chart. Good luck Marcus!!!