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One Final Word on the Bucs/Bears

After seeing the outcome of the Bucs/Bears game this weekend, I went back and read some of the pre-game predictions and analysis and I found a common thread between some of the major players.
Peter King of SI said, "When I spoke with Jake Delhomme after the Panthers-Bears game, he talked about the Chicago defense the way a promising young golfer would talk about Tiger woods: with awe and just a little fear. Not saying Brian Griese wilol feel the same way leaving Soldier Field, but I think the Urlachers will leave a couple of nice welts on their old friend. Bears 16-12."

Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline said, "This will be the Bears' home opener, so you know they will be extra motivated. The Bucs played well on defense last week against Atlanta, but they till aren't doing much on offense. That's trouble here against this Bears defense. Matt Forte runs well enough to help the Bears take it. Bears 21-14."

Dave Goldberg of the AP said, "Brian Griese couldn't cut it when he replaced Rex Grossman for the Bears last season. So he doesn't cut it on his return to Chitown, Bears 16-12."

Not ONCE... EVER, did ANYONE in the media mention how the Bears were going to score on the Bucs defense. Not ONCE. Three FGs and 2 TDs off four turnovers. Not ONCE did anyone think about what the BEARS were going to do against the BUCS DEFENSE.

And for all this love that the Bears' D got this week, let me remind the mainstream media of something. That's TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS that the Bears choked a lead away. I know that there is this love affair with the Bears' defense and the fabled "Monsters of the Midway" but those teams are long since dead. SIXTY-SEVEN PASS ATTEMPTS... ZERO SACKS. That doesn't sound like an elite D to me. As a matter of fact, that sounds down right LOUSY.

I don't think I've felt more full of gloat after a Bucs win that I have this week. So to all the members of the media who thought the Bears' defense was something special, please program into your GPS, "Fifth ring... hell" and follow the turn-by-turn directions.