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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jeremy Trueblood calls foul on Chicago Bears

I have to admit that I felt a little shady enjoying our Overtime Victory Sunday against the Chicago Bears. Not because we had no business winning that game, as the Bears were doing everything in their power to give it away as well. No, I felt shady because of that overtime personal foul call inside our own 10 yard line that should have been called on RT Jeremy Trueblood as well, not just Bears CB Charles Tillman who jumped on the pile late. Of course, I felt shady until I read Trueblood’s reasoning for swinging on the first body he could reach (in this case, Chicago’s Adewale Ogunleye):

"If you want me to be truthful with the situation, I don't know who it was, but they grabbed me in places they shouldn't have grabbed me after the play and that's what started the whole thing,'' Trueblood said. "I told people in interviews earlier that it got chirpy. I think those guys take a lot of pride in what they do, and we take a lot of pride in what we do, but one thing I don't stand for is someone grabbing you in your genitals." – from Brad Biggs of the Suntimes

YIKES!! Who would stand for that Jeremy? Jeff Garcia? I kid, I kid. Nah, I don’t think anybody would. When asked who did the grabbing, Trueblood had the following to say:

"I don't know who it was,'' he said. "But whoever was beneath [me] paid the price. I was just doing what I do on a block, I was just laying on top of him, not moving. That [expletive] happens on every play, excuse my language, but that happens on every play. Someone is going to grab and someone is going to poke." – from Brad Biggs of the Suntimes

The Bears Tommie Harris, who wasn’t involved in the game changing play had the following to say about Trueblood and his hog mollie teammates:

"Their line is dirty and we knew that coming into this game,'' Harris said. "I guess they thought they were going to come in here and just think we were going to accept that. Like Trueblood blindsided me when the play was over with. The first play of the game with me and [Arron] Sears [he kept pushing me after the whistle]. [Trueblood] is dirty; he wants you to know that. Since he's not that talented and not that good, he wants you to know that, 'I'm the dirtiest player.'" – from Brad Biggs of the Suntimes

Not that talented? Not that good? He was good enough to stop you and your boys from recording a sack on sixty-seven pass attempts. Who doesn’t love this chatter though? Anything that can spark a superficial rivalry is good for the fan bases involved, it makes the game that much more interesting. I also love hearing this about our offensive line. Tell me this doesn’t get under opposing defenses skin. If they think about this for even a second its beneficial to our offensive line as they’re in the defenses head. Speaking of the offensive line, this week they pass protected, the week prior to that they run blocked, can we put that together fellas? Who said offensive linemen are boring?