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What are the Odds the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the Superbowl? Lose 10+ Games?

Are you curious as to what the Odds makers are saying about the Buccaneers chances this season? If you are, what follows should be more than enough information for you:

Team Odds

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35/1

Odds to win the 2008 NFC Championship
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14/1

Odds to win the NFC South Division
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2/1

I still can't over the fact that everyone is against the Bucs repeating last seasons success. Shouldnt the team be better due to experience within the system alone? Both the leader on Offense (Garcia) and defense (Ruud) were knew to starting roles with the Bucs... Ahhh Let the games begin!!

Win Totals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Regular Season Wins

Over 8 -150
Under 8 +120

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Regular Season Home Wins

Over 4.5 -165
Under 4.5 +135

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Regular Season Away Wins

Over 3.5 -140
Under 3.5 +110

Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Make the playoffs?

Yes +155
No -190

A betting man would go over 8 wins right? Notice how i said a betting man.. Again checkout the Playoff odds, who in the NFC got much improved over the off-season? Exactly

Miscellaneous Odds

Will Jeff Garcia be the starting QB for the Buccaneers for week 1 of the 2009 NFL season?

Yes Even
No -130

If the Wife wouldnt stab me in the chest for betting, I would bet the house on Garcia absolutely starting the season Week 1, but then who wouldnt?

Player Performance Odds

Jeff Garcia Passing Yards

Over/Under 2650

I'm going over as Garcia missed 2 1/2 games last year and amassed over 2400 yards...

Jeff Garcia Passing Touchdowns

Over/Under 16

I'm going over here as well for much as the same reason for the previous Over/Under for Garcia. He's gotta throw more than 16 touchdowns for the Bucs to advance this season, right?

Earnest Graham Rushing Yards

Over/Under 1000

Man I'm torn on this one, because I'm an optimistic Bucs Fan I'm going over. On one hand he played in 15 games and was only 102 yards short of 1,000 yards last season. However this year teams will prepare for him and you would think Dunn/Bennett might lower his work load. Still I'm going over.

Earnest Graham Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 7.5

Definitely going over here, he had 10 last season, he should at least match that, especially with a gimpy B.J. Askew

Earnest Graham Receiving Yards

Over/Under 320

Even though he had 324 receiving yards last season, I don't think he matches that this year: Under. Warrick Dunn was not brought in to build houses for deserving mothers, well, he wasnt.

Warrick Dunn Rushing and Receiving Yards

Over/Under 665

I'm going under here. Dunn was a starter for much of last season with the Falcons and barely eclipsed this plateau. Under...

Joey Galloway Receiving Yards

Over/Under 975

I'm going under here, as by Week 6 Gruden will realize DJax is better served in the passing game and he and Galloway will finish the season with 900 receiving yards each.. What?

Joey Galloway Touchdowns

Over/Under 6

Over, I think he and Garcia will set new Buccaneer records for a QB/WR tandem..

Ike Hilliard Receiving Yards

Over/Under 550

Same old rock steady Ike, he had over 700 yards last season and I dont foresee Clayton or Stovall eating any of those opportunities.

Michael Clayton Receiving Yards

Over/Under 320

Does this piss Michael Clayton off? I mean it should. That's pathetic.. I think Marcus Pollard could produce more than that.. Under

Gaines Adams Sacks

Over/Under 8.5

Gaines has looked speedier, more in tune with the defense, and just more aware this off-season. I think he absolutely gets OVER 8.5 sacks.. Yep mark it down

Jovan Haye Sacks

Over/Under 3.5

This is another one of those, if my wife didnt look at our financial statements, I would definitely bet the family dog on.. Jovan might get that in one game.. Don't under estimate him!!

You guys should leave your predictions in the comments section and then once the season is over we can do a time capsule of sorts and see who was the best at predicting the Bucs future.. Maybe The Winner will get a prize?

Thanks to Jimmy from for the Odds... What are the odds he would send me those? Ah Ha!