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Tampa Bay Buccaneers News: Greg White Paid, Mack Suspended, Injuries

First the really bad news: Joey Galloway and Aqib Talib are questionable for this weekend's game against the Chicago Bears. If it's any consolation, Derrick Brooks was questionable last week and he played, sooo don't count those guys out just yet.

Greg White finally got paid. I dont think anyone thought it would occur two weeks into the season, but its official. White signed a two year extension that will keep him in Tampa through 2010. The cool thing (for us) is that the majority of the money White stands to bank is dependent upon how productive he is in the sack department. I proposed this very same contract stipulation this off-season, i guess Bruce Allen listened, yeah right.

One player is coming back from suspension, TE Jerramy Stevens, and another is going to be suspended, CB Elbert Mack, for one game thanks to the OVERLY UNNECESSARY hit he put on Falcons Rookie QB Matt Ryan during the Piscitelli interception provided below. This hurts as Talib may not be able to go Sunday and Elbert would have been called upon. So much for that.