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Starting Quarterback Brian Griese ready to take on Atlanta Falcons Sunday

This off-season the Bucs traded a second day Draft Pick to the Chicago Bears to bring back QB Brian Griese to Tampa. When Griese heard of the trade he was initially perturbed as the Bucs had once before let him go. Since then Griese has welcomed the opportunity with open hands knowing that one day his name might get called. Sunday will be that day, here’s QB Brian Griese’s take on starting against the Atlanta Falcons:

"When I left here in 2005, I felt like I had unfinished business here," Griese said. "I mean, it really hurt when I was injured and didn’t have a chance to come back. I knew we had a good team, and really, [being let go] stung. Ever since then I wanted that chance to come back and finish that business and that’s how I’m going to approach this opportunity." - Tampa Tribune

Griese on getting in sync with WR Joey Galloway:

"I have to hit the ground running, so I have to do everything I can this week to be prepared so that come Sunday, I can be up to speed," Griese said. "There is no room for error. The one unique thing is that I do have a relationship with Joey going back a ways," said Griese. "I’ve thrown a lot of balls to him in my career, so I’ll lean on that. He is a unique individual when you’re throwing the ball to him. The next two days we’ll try to get as much work in together as we can and then go out on Sunday and do the best we can against Atlanta." - Tampa Tribune

Despite Griese starting I’m still super psyched up to watch the Bucs demolish the Falcons. It’s not how I envisioned us starting the season, with our fleet footed QB on the pine, but I understand the circumstances that surround such a decision and I’m eager to see how this offense AND defense rally around this team’s Quarterback. Hopefully everyone steps up their game. If Michael Clayton suits up, maybe he’ll see the same success he endured the last time he caught balls from Griese in the regular season. Just maybe Gruden will lean on his Running game a bit to ease Brian back into the fray. All I know is that we are going to see an ultra competitive match-up and I’m ready to see it!!!