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Michael Clayton wants the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to 'Let him play'

Was Head Coach Jon Gruden trying to send a message to WR Michael Clayton last Sunday by sitting him against the Saints? Was he trying to light a fire under the unproductive receiver from Louisiana? It appears so. The St. Pete Times is reporting Michael Clayton was physically able to play last weekend and his benching had nothing to do with his previous chest injury:

"Anytime you have an opportunity taken away from you, it's a blow to your pride,'' Clayton said. "But as a man and a professional, you have to stay positive and put it behind you." - St. Pete Times

Clayton was referring to the fact that he was physically able to play in the game. Mike is an unrestricted Free Agent after the season and Clayton eluded to the lack of ability to showcase his assets to potential customers:

"If I don't get the opportunity and everything stays the same this year, what more do I have to do?' Clayton said. "I don't mind starting over with a team that would like to let me play." - St. Pete Times

Come on man, you must be delusional. The Bucs have let you play for the past four years. When in the last three years have you ever shown a reason for the Bucs to stick by you? You consistently under perform. You’re the reason the fans want to trade GOOD players on the team for Wide Receivers outside of the organization. You are the reason David Boston and Antonio Bryant get opportunities. You wouldn’t mind starting over with a team that would like to play you? They’ve played you for the past three seasons and you absolutely sucked. You didn’t light it up in the Pre-Season either. You had drops, everyone saw them. You should be taking over games. Maybe the Canadian leagues will 'let him play'

Can you believe this guy?