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Superdome withstands Gustav: status of Sept. 7 game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints still uncertain

The Superdome has reportedly suffered minimal external damage and no structural damage.  As such, ownership for the dome expects the dome to be ready to go for Sunday's matchup between the Buccaneers and Saints.  However, it is unknown whether residents will be cleared to reenter New Orleans before game time or if adequate food/beverages/supplies can be received in time. A representative of the organization that owns the Superdome (Doug Thornton) recently had the following to say on playing in the Superdome:

"We can't play a game if we don't have staff and supplies," Thornton said. "My gut feeling is we're going to play a football game [in the Superdome] Sunday." - Canal Street Chronicles
  The possibility remains of switching the home sites for the Sept 7 and Nov 30 matchups. 

Approximately 1 million people are currently without power and there is continued concern that the levees around New Orleans may not hold.  As such, thoughts and prayers should remain with the affected gulf coast residents.