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Welcome new Bloggers to Buc 'Em

The voting has offically closed for potential writers to blog here at Buc 'Em. Who made? We are adding two individuals to the Blogging atmosphere here at Buc 'Em. Please welcome Craig T and The Bull Gator. They both submitted fantastic responses to the questions I had submitted to them. They had some great competition in DLowe and KMac, but at the end of the day they registered the votes and the community here has spoken. There are now FOUR Bloggers here at Buc 'Em... Hopefully we can keep this fan base stuffed with Bucs news, information, and opinions.

For anybody else that wants to become a writer. You already have that ability. If you publish a Fan Post in the sidebar or a Fan Shot and its worthy enough it will be posted to the main page giving you full credit. Several of you are putting good use to this function on the site.. Keep up the great work.

To those writers who didnt make the cut this time, keep your head up and I'll be in touch in the future. I thank you for your efforts!!