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Tampa Bay Buccaneer News and Notes: Simms, Lions, Kickers

Big Surprise the Detroit Lions have signed LB Ryan Nece. - St. Pete Times

The NFL ought to develop a feeder league between the Lions and Buccaneers, since the Lions sign every Buccaneer cast off. Good luck Nece

The Bucs released CB Eugene Wilson and signed OL James Lee. - St. Pete Times

You could almost foresee this outcome when Wilson was brought in this off-season. He was asked to change positions when he joined the Bucs to help off-set the loss of CB Brian Kelly. The thing is, Eugene is a Safety and could never transition into becoming what he wasn’t, a Cornerback. He had to be let go as if there was a position we officially have depth at, its Safety

The Ravens were rumored to be close to signing Free Agent QB Chris Simms. Luckily for Simms, they chose Free Agent QB Joey Harrington over him. - St. Pete Times

My thing is, why in the heck would Simms want to go to the Ravens? Sure he’d be behind Troy Smith with an excellent opportunity to take over, but then he’s playing behind the same Offensive Line that ate up Kyle Boller and those before him. I was afraid Simms would sign (too early) with another team right out of the free agent gates that have been opened for him. Here’s to him latching on with a team that has a more than adequate offensive line. Who is advising him and who convinced the Ravens to take a flier on Joey Harrington? ugh

You all saw this one coming: The Bucs are trying out Free Agents for place kicking duties. Specifically Free Agent Jay Feely among others -

This makes sense, it would have made more sense at the start of the off-season as anybody would get complacent without competition at their position. Hopefully Matt Bryant rights the ship. I guess Bruce and Gruden want some added insurance… Take a look at K Conner Barth, he was money in college…