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Understanding the outcome of the Brett Favre Saga

Here’s a little back ground information on the Brett Favre trade and then I’ll leave it alone:

The Jets chose Brett Favre, Brett Favre did not choose the Jets. Favre was on the phone with family when he heard he had been traded. – Dan Patrick Radio Show

Favre has three years left on his contract, but he told the Jets he couldn’t commit and that he would be year to year. The Jets also inherited his 12 million dollar salary. – Dan Patrick Radio Show

The Jets traded a conditional 4th Round Draft Pick for Favre. If Brett plays in 80% of New York’s games and takes the team to the Superbowl; the Jets would owe the Packers a 1st Round Pick. Should the Jets turn around and trade Favre (anywhere), they will have to give the Packers THREE 1stRound Draft Picks, ouch! – Dan Patrick Radio Show

Jeff Garcia is very upset, but hey, the players are behind him. - Rick Stroud on the Dan Patrick Radio Show

Bottomline the Packers weren't interested in trading Brett to the NFC - Rick Stroud on the Dan Patrick Show

Look for Simms to get a lot of Pre-Season play in order to drum up interest for a potential trade. - Rick Stroud on the Dan Patrick Radio Show

I think this is a perfect deal for the Jets: They needed a Quarterback desperately. With Leon Washington and Lavernues Coles they have a decent offensive nucleus. They give up a 4th Round Pick or a 1st Round Pick (which would be pick #31 or #32) should they make the Superbowl and they instantly get ridiculous money due to merchandise sales, television ratings, etc.

I think this is pretty much a win-win situation if there ever was one for Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy (not for the Green Bay Packers Organization and Fan Base). #1 - The Jets are in the AFC. #2 - The Packers and Jets DO NOT play each other. BUT I still believe the Packers gave up their only shot at the Playoffs and for what?

As a Bucs fan, I’m not bitter at anyone. I’m disappointed we didn’t bring Brett aboard, but only because it was well known we were in pursuit of the guy (and the negative impact this public pursuit could have on our current QB Corps). Now I hope and pray this doesn’t have a negative impact on the team and to be honest I don’t think it will as like we’ve heard time and time again: The NFL is a business and every player on our roster will play to the best of their abilities, will they return to Tampa once their contract is up? If they get paid, I would think so, but relationships may have been severed. Regardless the team will move on from this, as will the fan base.