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Brett Favre trade down to three teams: Buccaneers, New York Jets, Mystery Team?

As of right now, Brett Favre’s destination is between three teams: New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and an Unknown Team

The Tampa Tribune reported this morning that the Bucs were close to a trade with the Packers and that an announcement would be made within 24 hours

Fox Sports Jay Glazer disputes the Tampa Tribune Report by saying the New York Jets are very much in talks and as of right now have offered the better deal over Tampa.

QB Jeff Garcia was asked by a reporter at Training Camp if he was walking the "Green Mile" in which Garcia replied, "Yeah, ‘Dead Man Walking’"…

QB Chris Simms was asked about Gruden accumulating QB’s: Simms said, "Gruden likes to bring in Quarterback after Quarterback"

If the Bucs acquire QB Brett Favre, I wonder if they could recoup their losses by trading QB Jeff Garcia? The Cowboys need a veteran back-up, as do the Packers, etc…

Its been rumored that QB Chris Simms is most hopeful that Favre gets acquired as that would most likely lead to his finally departing Tampa…

Dan Sileo brought up a great point this morning about Brett Favre and how much he would upgrade the running game on presence alone.

Former Head Coach Dennis Green thinks Brett Favre will end up in Tampa because Gruden and Allen are gun slingers and are willing to take chances. He also doesn’t buy the hype about Favre having a hard time learning Gruden’s offense saying he’s run it his entire career and probably knows it better than anybody on the Bucs outside of Gruden himself.